The Manchester Fortnite League is set up as a solo league, meaning 1 player vs 1 other player.

Fortnite is a cross platform game, all registered players may play on any one of the following – XBOX PlayStation PC Mobile

NHesports is the governing body of the Manchester Fortnite League.   All rules and interpretation of rules are at the discretion of the Commissioner of NHesports.   The commissioner of the Manchester Fortnite League is Chris Morgan.  All communication can be sent via email at 


The Manchester Fortnite League is made up of individual registered players.  Each player will participate in a 25 game schedule which is the regular season.  All players will be required to submit their individual scores upon completion of each game.  All scores and standings will be automatically updated on  If there are any mistakes or errors, please email the commissioner at


The Competitive Format is Bot Racing.  

The objective of every player is to score the most “Eliminations” aka (Kills) in each game.  Each game will consist of four (4) matches, similar to quarters or periods 1st, 2nd, 3rd,4th.  Upon completion of each match, each player will record their own score in the specific game/match.  **It is highly recommended that you either screen shot/ or take a picture with your phone of your final score after each match in case of any questions.  Once the 4 matches are complete and each player enters their scores, a final win or loss will be determined by the player who has the most total points or eliminations.

Each match will end when both players are no longer standing or the Victory Royale screen appears.  A player is considered standing if they are not eliminated from play.


One player will add his/her opponent and invite them to the lobby.  Once in the lobby, both players will que into a public duo match and drop separately from the bus to compete in the game.  The objective of each player is to secure the most eliminations in each match.  4 Total matches are played and the total eliminations in each of the 4 matches will be counted towards the total score.  The player who has the most eliminations at the end of the 4 matches is considered the winner.


Every scheduled game will be for 6:00PM on the game date.  This doesn’t mean you have to play at 6pm.  You can, but if you can’t for any reason, we encourage you to communicate with your opponent. You can use our message service in your profile.  You have up to 48 hours after each game date to make up the game, so hopefully that will give you enough time to find a common date and time.  If you can’t make it work, let Chris know and he will help.


In your profile you will see a messaging system where you can compose a message to your opponent.  To send a message, hit compose, add the senders address… and type in message.  All messages should have notification to the email you signed up with, so you will know when messages appear.  It is important to communicate with your opponent if you cannot play at the time scheduled or the day.  You are allowed to change the game schedule per your schedule as long as both players agree.  If you run into any obstacles with scheduling, please contact Chris.

**We emphasize this over again for purpose, all players should screenshot their final kill score at end of each match to backup your submition of scores and to secure honesty and fairness for all players.  We will only need to see proof of score in case of discrepancy or claim of wrong score submitted by a player.

 Here are directions on the devices you play:
XBOX – When you’re in a game and have found a scene you want to screenshot, press the Xbox button on your controller to open the guide menu. From the menu, press the Y button on your controller to take a screenshot of your current screen
PlayStation – hold down the share button on the Dualshock 4 controller for one second, or tap it quickly and then hit the circle button
Computer – Alt + PrtScn
Mobile – Iphone and Android:
Iphone – Press the Power button for a few seconds. Then tap Screenshot. If that doesn’t work, press and hold the Power and Volume down buttons at the same time for a few seconds.
Android – press the Volume Down and Power buttons at the same time, hold them for a second, and your phone will take a screenshot
Or just take a picture of the screen using your phone.
In the chance their is any disagreement over scores, the commissioner will just need to see each players final score for proof.

If there is a tie at end of game, it will end as a tie, there is no over time in the regular season.


If a player unintentionally disconnects during match, for example “Mom and Dad forgot to pay the electric bill and power was shut off” or similar occurrence such as hardware, software failure and or you became sick and had to leave, the match may be restarted.  The player who unintentionally was disconnected will restart with a “0” and the opponent will restart with “0 plus 2”.  All scores for both opponents will begin with 0 and upon completion of new match, the player who did not disconnect will add 2 points to whatever score achieved.  If both players agree to the circumstances, there is no need to inform the league.  If there is any conflict, please email league at

In the case of any player intentionally disconnecting, it will result as the same as eliminating your opponent, a score of 1-0 for the player who did not disconnect.


In your profile, you will see the link “Events”.  When you click on this link it will bring up your schedule.  You can also view the schedule by clicking on this link – SCHEDULE

Scores will be updated accordingly for each game played.  You can view the scores in the Events or Schedule page.

Standings will be updated according to the game scores and can be viewed here STANDINGS

If at any time you see a score that is incorrect, please contact Chris immediately.

How to Submit Scores

It is important that you write down or make note of your total kills in each of the 4 rounds per game.  To submit scores when the game is complete, go to your profile and enter the scores by quarter (1,2,3,4) and then the total, hit submit.  That’s it.  Good Luck and Have Fun.