Rocket League Rules and Match Procedures

The player with the most points at end of 4 games is the winner.

If there is a tie, golden goal will be played to determine winner.

All matches are 5 minutes in length and both players will play 4 total matches.

Players will record their final score for each of the 4 games.  The player who has the most points after 4 games is the winner.

All game settings are default.

Standard Rocket League 1v1 rules will be used.

First contact your opponent via message to confirm date and time.

Contact your opponent via RockeID to coordinate a game lobby.

Choose Game Type and settings as follows:

Game Mode:  Soccer

Arena:  Select One  – opponents should discuss the choice before game or just pick one.

Team Size:  1v1

Bot Difficulty: No Bots

Mututator Settings: Custom

Region:  US-EAST

Joinable By: Name/Password

All games are to be played within 48 hours of set date and time on schedule