NHSA Rocket League Playoffs

Please refer to the current standings for final regular season placement

Playoffs are single elimination.  Please screenshot and/or take a picture via your phone of the final score to show proof if necessary.  Please do not send unless asked for.


Champion – litenin99

Runer Up – Cash7299


Cash7299 vs litenin99

Consolation Game

Tikiman11 vs ZachRybzyckvs



#1 CaSh7299 vs #4 Tikiman11 – Winner Cash7299

#2 litenin99 vs #3 ZachRybzyckvs – Winner litenin99


ROUND 1 Results

#1 CaSh7299  vs.   #8 fadedvibed

WINNER – CaSh7299

#2  litenin99  vs.  #7 SalmonCactus323

WINNER -Litenin99

#3 Zack Rybzyckvs. vs  #6 RedDeathRedDeath    

WINNER – Zack Rybzyck

#4 Tikiman11 vs #5 Eli4986 

WINNER – Tikiman11

winners will advance to next Round (Semi-Finals)