Esports Team Building

Book an awesome Esports League for your company playing any game you want or let us help you choose.

NBA2K, FIFA, NFLMadden, Forza, Fortnite, Bejeweled, Call of Duty, League of Legends....whatever game you want to feature, we will organize it entirely for you.

Pricing is simple and easy.

$100 one-time fee for setup and $8 per person up to 50 people

Over 50 we provide significant discounts per person.

This includes the following:

Customized web page with full schedule, standings, message board fully updated daily.

Check out an example here

FREE entry for all the members of your team or Employees.

Trophy customized for the winner provided by NHesports - engraved with winners name and company logo - "great bragging rights to put on the desk at the office"


Why NHesports?

We are the most experienced in organizing leagues and we provide tremendous customer service, reliability and performance which is guaranteed to make all  your employees happy. Now more than ever with the
"work at home" genre there is a need to engage the entire company with a single event that will bring everyone together in a fun and safe way.

That is what this is all about, keeping your employees engaged and happy.

For the price of a movie ticket, you can provide weeks and months of continued excitement with offering your very own esports league.

We understand not everyone gets gaming, but we are there to walk you through it.

Play on the computer. Play on Xbox.  Play on PlayStation or Play on your mobile phone.  We will organize it for you from start to finish.

Why should my company use Esports for team building?

Because it is fun and it will provide the greatest talking point around the water cooler and mixers.   This is fun competition and truly engaging to help build your team morale.


Call Chris at 603-315-0123 or email Chris @nhesports.com or fill out the form below

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