NHesports is a new organization that is the governing body and organizing structure for local league competition of esports.  

Our focus is on amateurs who want to compete in recreational leagues against other players they may or may not know who are living nearby.

We are not a Professional League.  Our focus is on Amateur Recreational Play.   We provide professional league quality play for amateurs.  

NHesports is the vehicle that offers local players the ability to compete against each other, eventually crowning a local champion.  In some leagues there may be prizes awarded.

NHesports is at the early stage of organizing leagues in different cities across the state.

If your city would like to participate, please email chris@nhesports.com.

NHesports will offer a variety of esports games to include Fortnite, NBA 2K, NFL Madden, Rocket League, COD and more.

NHesports is not affiliated with any game manufacturer.  NHesports is an organizing body for league play of individual esport games.  It is the responsibility of each player to purchase the selected esports game on thier own to play in any of our leagues.  NHesports will feature games for league play.


NHesports is owned and operated by Chris Morgan, owner/operator of the Manchester Flag Football League, which is entering its 10th year of operation providing thousands of kids and families an organized and high quality league experience.

Chris’s background includes over 30 years working in professional sports and entertainment having worked for the New York Yankees, Miami Heat, Chicago Cubs and Detroit Tigers as well as promoting over 150 concerts in New Hampshire and Maine.

Players can feel confident that all esports leagues offered by NHesports will have the same integrity, quality and organization in addition to a money back guarantee which is if at any time you are not happy, we will refund your registration fee.

It is time to redefine the term “athletics”  to include those who use their minds and athletic skill of hand-eye coordination to compete.  Athletics is defined as “physical sports and games of any kind”.  If you speak to anyone who plays esports, they are certainly using their physical attributes for play.The stigma of “video games” is over and esports is a cultural phenomenon and should be considered athletics.

We hope you join us in play.